Some Menu Ideas for St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day is a week away, and we are looking over past recipes we've done to inspire ideas for our upcoming annual Irish Dinner with neighbors D and J and their kids. Here they are, for your inspiration as well.

Chef Lise's Irish Stew, recipe here, is a long-time favorite, not just for St. Patrick's Day, but all of stew season.

It's easy to get into the spirit with a little bit of green food coloring! 
Add it to frosting for "Irish" cupcakes. No corned beef necessary.

Add it to your favorite light beer, then layer that with Guinness to make a "Black & Green," (instead of a Black & Tan). 

Prefer to re-purpose an old standby for the holiday? Color up some powdered sugar to decorate an everyday dessert with shamrocks, as we did with our lemon bars.

How about cooking with Guinness? Try our Guinness Glazed Chicken Wings, the perfect accompaniment to your Irish-style beverage.

Overdid the celebrating? Another delicious soup is our Sweet Potato and Kale. This one has all the right colors for St. Patrick's Day, but is also really really healthy, so you can feel better about having that extra brew or two. Bonus? St. Patrick's Day is a Monday, so if you are doing Meatless Monday, you're all set with this one!

Tune in next week to see what we come up for St. Patty's 2014!

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