Super Bowl XLVII King Cupcakes

Super Bowl XLVII - The San Francisco 49ers play the Baltimore Ravens in New Orleans. The football part, we're not really into. The New Orleans part, however, is another story since Amy used to live there. And this time of year, when Amy thinks of New Orleans, she thinks of King Cake. Particularly, King Cake stuffed with Creole Cream Cheese. Yummmy. And that is why, when neighbors D and J asked us to bring "dessert" to their Super Bowl party this year, we were determined to make cream-cheese-stuffed King Cake Cupcakes. 

The ingredients

Cream cheese, sugar and vanilla extract for the filling

Cinnamon and sugar

We knew the weekend would be a busy one, since our own Mardi Gras Madness bash is next Saturday, and so we searched for an easy recipe to inspire us. We got lucky with this one by Amanda, of The Virtuous Wife, because it seemed pretty easy, and is only "semi-homemade." Perfect for a busy weekend.

Cut the crescent dough on a floured surface

Sprinkle with the cinnamon-sugar

Cover with the cream cheese filling

Roll together, pinch the ends and fold

Place in a greased cupcake tin

Because Amanda's cupcakes both looked and sounded delicious, and because the recipe was pretty much exactly what we were looking for, we followed Amanda's instructions just about to the letter. Using only a few ingredients, we created these magical desserts, inspired by the city of the Super Bowl, and decorated in the colors of the teams that will play tonight.

Powdered sugar, lemon juice and water...

...make a tangy glaze the sugar can stick to.

Hot out of the oven

Thanks, Amanda, for the great recipe (click here to get it), and we hope everyone enjoys tonight's game!


jck said...

I want one! :)

jck said...

Yay, I got one! After nuking it was a molten mess of sweetness...like a sticky bun got drunk. That is to say it was awesome. Hit the spot this morning with my coffee.
Thanks, Chris and Amy!

Anonymous said...

What a fun idea!