Christmas Eve is Here, and We Can't Wait for Crabbies

The countdown is over. We made and delivered our foodie gift packages and we are just about prepared for our annual Christmas Eve with Amy's family. There are 17 of us total, including neighbors D and J and their two kids, who are pretty much family to us. Our usual thing is to serve a variety of appetizers and then do one "main" event dish. We like to do something different each year, but certain things are just tradition. And you can't mess with tradition, especially on Christmas! So we spend our efforts on the main dish and also make those certain appetizers everyone loves and waits all year for. 

One of those traditional apps is "Crabbies." Crabbies have been a part of Christmas Eve for as long as Amy can remember, back to when the whole family came to Amy's parents house for the celebration, even her uncle's parents, Anita and Tito, who have since passed. They were the ones who made the crabbies, and we now make them in their honor. And as much as we've been tempted to change an ingredient or "upgrade" them in some way, we wouldn't dare. One bite brings back so many childhood memories that it simply wouldn't be Christmas Eve without them, just the way they've always been. 

(makes 12)


1 package (6) Thomas's English muffins, split in half
1 6-ounce can fancy lump crabmeat
1 5-ounce jar Old English cheesespread
1 stick margarine, softened
2 tablespoons mayonnaise
1 teaspoon garlic powder

Lay out English muffins on a cookie sheet. Fold together remaining ingredients until well combined. Spread cheesy crab mixture evenly onto English muffins. Broil until bubbly and golden brown. 

Note: To make ahead, do not broil but lay cheese-covered English muffins between layers of wax paper in a zip bag and freeze. When ready to serve, broil from frozen. 


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