Pecan-Studded Waffles with Bourbon Vanilla Sorghum Syrup

It's true that we enjoy a bit of over-indulgence now and again. In fact, we're kind of known for it. But when the long weekend coincided with the arrival of cooler weather, and Amy had that autumnal craving for pecan pie, even the two of us knew that pecan pie for two wasn't going to be good for anybody. So we bring you our compromise. We took our recipe for Golden Goose Egg Waffles, added a cup of chopped pecans, served them with Bourbon Vanilla Sorghum Syrup, and indulged in some we-deserved-a-day-off brunchy-brunch. Go ahead and try to eat just one.


kerrymg29 said...

Yummy! Great way to start a day off : )

Anonymous said...

These sound fantastic.

jck said...

I bet those rocked.
I love brunch...especially on days off from school!!