Berry Picking

We went berry picking last week at Rose's Berry Farm in South Glastonbury, CT. We picked raspberries and blueberries, ate most of them, and froze what little there was left. We did make a little drink with muddled raspberries, lemonade and Onyx Moonshine that was quite tasty. Thanks to Onyx Spirits for that idea!

To freeze berries, rinse them carefully and pat them dry. Lay them out in one layer on a cookie sheet and place the sheets flat in the freezer. Once they are frozen, you can pour them into plastic bags for easier freezer storage.

Here are a few photos. We especially love the array of color on the blueberry bushes! So much sunshine. So much free time. So much summer.


Amy said...

Cathy at Wives with Knives has left a new comment on your post "Berry Picking":

Freezing berries is so quick and easy using your method. I have to remember to do this so I have them through the winter months.

Amy said...

yummychunklet (http://yummychunklet.wordpress.com/) has left a new comment on your post "Berry Picking":

Berry picking looks fun!