"Festa Romana" at Bricco Trattoria, Glastonbury

Local celebrity Chef Billy Grant opened Bricco Trattoria in Glastonbury in 2010. Since then it has become, like his other restaurants, a Connecticut hot spot. At this particular location, Grant offers simple, fresh, polished Italian, from imported salumi and cheeses to housemade pastas and thin-crust pizzas. While the menu tends to change often, depending on season and availability of ingredients, last week there was a special menu offered for three nights only called "Festa Romana," to celebrate "the spirit of Rome." Since Rome is Amy's favorite place in the whole universe, how could we not go? We made it a double date with friends J and M, whom we don't see often enough, and what a great meal we had. Between us, we tried everything offered (each diner choosing one of the two choices per course), so here it is, with accompanying photos (which again, aren't great because they were taken on our phone...sorry). This was an authentic Roman meal that truly celebrated the spirit of Rome, which could be encompassed by the chef's favorite saying, "Eat and live well always."


Artichokes Fritti
with lemon, capers and parsley
Verdict: light, crispy, tangy, delicious

with rocket arugula, EVO, parmigiano
Verdict: fresh, peppery, smoky, needed more cheese


Spaghetti Vongole
with manila clams, parsley, garlic olive oil
Verdict: perfectly al dente, garlicky, very good

Sheeps Milk Ricotta Ravioli
with guanciale, San Marzano tomatoes, chilies
Verdict: fluffy, pillowy, luscious, we all wanted to lick the sauce off the plate,
the winning dish


Whole Grilled Branzino
with fennel, radish and lemon
Verdict: flaky, flavorful, some inconsistencies in the cooking (overdone/underdone areas)

Veal Saltimbocca alla Romana
with proscuitto, lemon and sage
Verdict: perfect thinness, great flavor, really nice dish


Warm Chocolate-Filled Cornetto
Verdict: crisp, flaky pastry, but the chocolate inside was not melted,
the losing dish

Zuppa Englese Gelato with Biscotti
Verdict: creamy, delightful, perfectly Italian


Dreams of cakes said...

All dishes look so good! Lucky you!!

yummychunklet said...

What a terrific looking meal! Yum!