Mardi Gras Meal: New Orleans Barbecue Shrimp with Freshly Baked Baguette

"What should we do for dinner?" We were both home sick, recovering from a too-long bout of bronchitis with some laryngitis thrown in for good measure. Not a good mix for two teachers. Suddenly there was a knock on the back door. Odd. It was our neighbor, Megan, who is in culinary school studying to become a pastry chef. We've been the recipients of a few of her experiments, but none so well timed as this - she was bearing gifts of two gorgeously crunchy baguettes and two flavorful focaccia breads, fruits of her (A+) final exam. It being Mardi Gras, we used the baguettes as the base of our meal and baked some shrimp in Louisiana BBQ Shrimp Sauce Mix. The shrimp were rich and buttery, spicy enough to clear our noses, and required minimal effort, but the best part? Dipping Megan's beautiful baguettes in that delicious sauce. Thanks, Megan! If it weren't for our neighbors these days, where would we be???


Susan said...

Wish I could have dropped by with the French Roast and beignets for dessert! Hoooray for those shrimp and that gorgeous baguette!

Jessica said...

Oh yum!!! I wish I had neighbors that drop off delicious baguettes here and there =) The louisiana bbq shrimp sounds like the perfect meal for a relaxing night! Looks delicious.