Chef Lise Jaeger Shares Irish Stew on Good Morning Connecticut

Our good friend Chef Lise Jaeger was on Good Morning Connecticut on WTNH Saturday morning. Amy knows, because she had the honor of going along to assist. Bright and early Saturday morning, the two of them set off to the studio with coolers and bags full of ingredients and cookware (plus some finished stew for show, it being television and all). First they got Lise ready in the green room (which, to Amy's surprise, was actually green -  sort of a nice, calming, minty green). Then they proceeded into the studio to set up. Everyone in the crew was very nice and allowed Amy to watch the segment from a few feet away in the studio and even to take a few photos! Lise did  a great job and seemed like a natural on camera. The stew was exceptionally tasty and very easy to make, especially after Lise walks you through it in the video. And even though Lise didn't get a chance to mention them, the scones were amazing. Check out the video above and the recipes here.

P.S. Lise shared her recipe for Butternut Peanut Bisque with us in January, so check that recipe out while you're at it.

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