"Slap Ya Mama!" Heritage Pork Chops

We started school last week, and since then, we've been trying to prepare quick and easy dishes to get us through until we're back in "the routine." However, "quick and easy" doesn't have to equal "from a box/can" or "doesn't taste good." It was with "quick and easy" in mind that we spotted Hurricane Farm selling heritage breed pork at the Coventry Farmers' Market and we were interested. For $10 a pound, would we be able to tell the difference? Would it be worth the money?

The quick and easy answer, a strong and heartfelt "YES." The chops were bone-in and came two to the cryo-vac package, weighing in total at a little over a pound. We seasoned them only lightly, with a sprinkling of Louisiana-made Slap Ya Mama original blend Cajun seasoning, and a drizzle of olive oil, then grilled them for a three or so minutes on each side. The end result was the tastiest, juiciest, most tender pork chop either of us have had outside of a good restaurant.

Was it Chris, for being such a master griller and cooking the chops to a perfectly juicy medium? Was it the seasoning, a nicely balanced mix of salt, red pepper, black pepper and garlic? Or was it the high-quality, lean, all-natural, heritage breed pork? Who can tell for sure? In the end, we're sure that we'll buy chops from Hurricane Farm again, even at $10 a pound.


jck said...

Love the name!

Anonymous said...

Hurrican farm is the bomb! Be sure to visit them at the Coventry Farmers Market Every Sunday thru the winter. I am a vegetarian, I belong to the CSA with the Farm. I feed my family only meats from Hurricane farm now. The family has raved about it all, they espcially love the bacon and beef tendorloin. My favorite is the Turkey, yes I ate the Turkey and it was fabulous!