Garden Pizza

It was a hot, humid day (thankfully one of only a few we've had this year) and we don't have central air, so we decided to spend most of the day at the movies. We saw two comedies in a row -- The Hangover and The Proposal -- and were entertained by both, enjoying the coolness of the almost-empty auditoriums and the countless good laughs. Afterwards, we hit the grocery store for a stock up, came home, and decided we were too tired to cook anything complicated, thus the pizza. We used a store-bought dough that we brushed with olive oil and topped with fresh mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, green and purple basil, salt and garlic. We're calling this pizza "Garden Pizza" because the toppings came from...can you guess?...our garden. It took a long time, but our tomatoes, plentiful and free from the blight that has wreaked havoc throughout the state, are finally ripening on the vine. Our herbs are like little bushes, and their scent perfumes the front porch as we lounge on the porch-swing. We're enjoying two different varieties of lettuce and are awaiting the many green peppers that will soon be fodder for the grill. Suffice it to say that we're grateful for summer's bounty and the time we have to savor it.

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