Aligot is a Waffle No-No

Aligot Waffles? No!

Aligot is the fancy French word for cheesy mashed potatoes. We made a batch (recipe here) as a side to go with our New Year's Eve Cornish game hens and had plenty left over. Skip to New Year's morning. We were hankering for a big breakfast to go with our mimosas and thought about the leftover stuffing waffles we always make on the-day-after-Thanksgiving. We wondered: couldn't we make Aligot waffles? And wouldn't they be the most delicious potatoes we ever ate, all crispy and cheesy and amazing The answer? Nope. It didn't work at all. And while the rest of our breakfast was good, cleaning the waffle iron did not make for a fun New Year activity. 

Stuffing Waffles? Yes!

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