A.C.K. Returns from Hiatus...Recipe Published in E-Book

Obviously, we took a little break from the blog for a while. We ended an exhausting school year and needed a vacation from, well, everything, including this. And to be honest, we haven't been very creative in the kitchen this summer, so we haven't had a whole lot to share anyway.

Meanwhile, one of our recipes, Scallop Crostini with Blueberry-Rosemary Sauce, has been featured in Our State's 2014 Blueberry Recipe Collection, an E-book presented by the North Carolina Blueberry Council that you can download and check out HERE. This boosted our culinary spirits so we decided to come back and share. We'll be back again soon. 

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chicago foodie girl said...

I'm glad to see you're back! Congrats on the recipe publication!