I Love You, Duck

Duck Confit with white beans and a fried egg, Eastern Standard, Boston

Dear Duck,
It's true that when I see you swimming around the pond I pass on the way to work that the first thing I think is how pretty you are. Gliding across the smooth water, leaving that ripple in your wake, your feathers glistening, the beautiful iridescent green of your small head contrasting so sharply against the landscape. So calm. So pretty. So in tune with your surroundings. 

Roast Duck, Hong Kong Eatery, Chinatown, Boston

Spicy Glazed Duck Wings, 20 Railroad, Great Barrington, MA

Duck Confit over lentils, Brasserie Jo, Boston 

But the second thing I think is how delicious you are. And how, when given the opportunity, I order you every time, everywhere, and eat every bite. One day, I will learn to cook you the right way, and that's not a threat, but a promise. I love you, duck. Quack!


"Daffy Duck" Spring Rolls, Sakura Garden, South Windsor, CT

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jck said...

Dear Duck Lover,
It is clear to me that we will never go to Boston without a pit stop in Chinatown, during which I will idle in a no-parking zone and chew my cuticles while you run in for duck.
I'd say you're welcome, but I think it's in the bestie job description.