Local Food and Drink Takeover of Krust Pizza Bar, Middletown

What a great night! We just got home from a fantastic dinner at Krust Woodfired Pizza and Bourbon Bar in Middletown, CT. But it wasn't just a regular night at the wildly popular pizza joint. Rather, it was a celebration of Connecticut 2014. A virtual who's who of the creators and makers of the hottest products coming out of CT right now: Jason and Brian of Mystic Cheese Company, artisans of the "guest of honor," Melville Cheese; Adam and Pete (and company) of Onyx Moonshine, the local spirit of the evening; JD of Ripe Bar Juice, the best mixer around; Carrie (the creative cupcake lady) from NoRA Cupcake Company; and Winter, the main Market Master of Coventry Regional Farmers Market, there, like us, to enjoy it all. 

Yes, these local movers and shakers took over Krust, and Krust welcomed them with open arms and did them justice, creating pie after luscious pie topped not with plain ole' mozzarella, but Mystic's Melville - a smooth, satiny, blubbery, melty, gorgeous cheese that lately, we can't get enough of. We mingled while we awaited our table, enjoying a few Onyx cocktails and the company of our local food heroes. 

When we finally sat, we were starving. First, the Melville antipasti - a wedge of the soft-ripened cheese with roasted red peppers, olives and croutons topped with just the right amount of olive oil. Next, the meat pizza - chunky San Marzano tomatoes, Melville instead of mozz, pancetta, pepperoni, and salami, touched with a sprinkle of oregano, crushed red pepper and sea salt, and drizzled with olive oil. The blend of tender bits of herbacious pork with the stretchy globs of cheese atop the flaky crisp crackly charred crust? Let's just say, it's a good time to be from the Constitution State.

We split a "Cheese Board" cupcake for dessert, and there's no better way to describe this savory confection. The cake had a light almond flavor with a fig preserve filling, and the "frosting" was Melville cheese topped with a mixture of toasted pecans, peanuts, and almonds. Everything you would want in a cheese board but in the form of a cupcake. Masterful.

What a great celebration of the current CT food scene. We can only hope for similar "takeovers" to come. When they do, we will be there!
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Caitlin said...

i was bummed i missed this event - i was at krust the night prior though! i have always wanted to try one of nora's savory cupcakes. the cheese "icing" sounds like HEAVEN.