Grown-Up Lunch at ON20

The day before Thanksgiving is a half day for both of us, and we celebrate by going on a grown-up lunch date. It is a far cry from our usual 23-minute daily lunches in the cafeteria of our respective high schools, and we love to do it right. This year, our destination was ON20, an upscale restaurant on the 20th floor of the Hartford Steam Boiler Building. As always, the food was outstanding and the service impeccable. Add in the beautiful views of Hartford (including the Traveler's Tower, left) and it was the perfect choice to kick off our holiday season. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

The Amuse Bouche:
sweet potato soup with crab and vanilla saffron foam

The Starter Course:
sunchoke bisque with roasted chestnuts

The Appetizers:
Nantucket Bay scallops with cranberry beans (left) and
Braised Spanish octopus (right)

View of the Connecticut River from ON20

The Entrees:

Grilled sirloin with crispy snow peas and five spiced pommes puree (top), and
Grilled hake over vegetables in a citrus aioli

  Dessert Amuse Bouche:
Plum and armagnac sorbet atop almond cake

  The Dessert:
Chocolate Trio of flourless cake, spicy hot chocolate and chocolate ice cream (top), and
Deconstructed Key Lime "Pie" with coconut sorbet and vanilla bean milk jam (bottom)

A fabulous lunch comes to an end


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jck said...

Sounds like a perfect grown-up lunch. (Jealous!)