Oven-Dried Cherry Tomatoes

For this post, we're taking a cue from the food bloggers at A Good Appetite and The Food Addicts. Our garden is still booming with several varieties of cherry and grape tomatoes, so we've decided to dry them in the oven for use throughout the winter months. We'll sprinkle these on pizzas, toss them in salads, and add them to recipes that call for sun-drieds. We know exactly what's in them (or better yet, what's not!) and the drying process really packs a flavorful punch. We did a couple of batches with garlic and a couple without, and also mixed up the tomato varieties. What better way to make our favorite summer flavor last?

cherry and grape tomatoes
olive oil (enough for drizzling and packing)
garlic cloves (optional)
salt to taste
black pepper to taste
Italian seasoning to taste

Halve your tomatoes and lay them, skin side down, on a baking sheet. Place whole, peeled garlic cloves on the sheet if using. Sprinkle everything with salt, black pepper and Italian seasoning to taste. Drizzle everything with olive oil. Bake at a 275-degree oven for up to 3 hours, checking every so often so they don't burn. Allow to cool then place in sterilized canning jars and top with olive oil for longer storage.


The Duo Dishes said...

Such an easy way to use the garden's bounty. Do you have to keep them in the fridge? We did some research after our oil infusion post and learned that moisture-filled ingredients can lead to botulism. Isn't that crazy?!

Amy said...

We're not sure if we have to keep them in the refrigerator, but better safe than sorry, I suppose!

jck said...

Can't wait to try mine!