The Cat Ate My Cookie!

Sunday morning we stopped at our local Italian bakery/cafe for double espressos, and after peeking into the cookie case, I bought a half-pound of cookies. Turns out my favorite one is a light and airy sugar cookie with a sweet jam center. Unfortunately, I did a variety box and bought only four of these now-favorites. Last night I found a half-eaten Italian cookie on the floor. Naturally, it was the last of my favorites. It had little bite and scratch marks in it, which was a clue - I don't think Chris took a nibble and then dropped the cookie on the floor. I went into the kitchen and saw that the pastry box containing the cookies was open just enough. It too had scratch marks on it. Very interesting. One of our cats, Stanley, has "thumbs," and since he can open a Hershey's Kiss (he really can!), I figure he's the culprit. Yeah, the cat ate my last cookie. At least I know he has good taste.

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