Sunny Oatmeal Cookies

March has arrived, and although Chris and I were home for a (one last?) glorious snow day, we have been anxiously awaiting spring. As on most snow days, we had a big breakfast and slow-cooked dinner planned, but on this day we added a batch of "Sunny Oatmeal Cookies." What makes them "sunny," you ask? Instead of raisins or chocolate chips, we've tossed some Sunny Seed Drops into the batter and the outcome was delicious. Other than this change, we followed the recipe on the Quaker Oatmeal canister top. Here comes the sun!


Anonymous said...

Are chocolate covered sunflower seeds becoming a new rage or are we late to the trend? Regardless, they are really good. A great nutty, sweet addition to a healthy cookie

Amy said...

I first tried them several years ago but they can be hard to find. Trader Joe's carries their own brand, but I like the ones I put the link to.