The Best Meatball Grinder Ever

Last Friday night, Chris and I were in the Springfield area, early for our dinner reservation at Lattitude. I suggested we kill some time by stopping at the awesome Italian food shop Frigo's and see what goodies we could find to fill out our weekend. When we stepped in and saw the ginormous meatballs, we both knew we had to have those. We asked for the largest meatball grinder they had, explaining that we wanted the ingredients separate, that this was for tomorrow. The gracious deli clerk nodded her understanding and promised to "hook us up." And that she did. (As did the cashier who suggested an $18 bottle of wine that easily could have passed for a $50 bottle - Ascheri Fontanelle Barbera D'Alba, 2009, see photo for label). When we got home and unwrapped our packages, we found a whole loaf of Italian bread, more meatballs than we could fit on that bread (sliced up for easier devouring), a half-pound of sliced mozzarella, and a quart of marinara sauce. I think we paid about $10 for this meatball feast.

Saturday came and the meatball merriment lasted all day as each of us periodically whispered to the other, "I can't wait for that grinder!" Finally, we couldn't wait any longer and around 4 p.m. we thoughtfully constructed the sandwich and carefully put it in the oven. We turned on the oven light and sat on the kitchen floor, watching our dinner brown as if it were a television show. We sharpened our serrated bread knife and sliced it into manageable pieces, saving two for the next day's lunch.

One would think all that anticipation could only lead to disappointment. Absolutely not so.
It was indeed The Best Meatball Grinder Ever. Thanks to the folks at Frigo's. We love ya.
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jck said...

Wow. You didn't tell me about that part of your journey. I may be heading north to hook myself up soon.

Anonymous said...

Mmmm meatballs. Can they ever disappoint?