Inauguration Celebration: Soup and Champagne

Politics aside, Chris and I invited some friends to our house on Tuesday night to celebrate the peaceful transition of power known as the Inauguration of the President of the United States. We DVR'd the ceremony and speech as well as some of the pre- and post- festivities so we could all view together while sharing a simple meal. It being a school night, and a not-so-hot economy, our menu was simple: a variety of soups and breads and of course, celebratory pseudo-champagne (a $6.99 per bottle brut rose cava we found at Trader Joe's).

For our part, Chris and I bought some sourdough rolls, baguettes and peasant breads, made the
roast pork chili that we posted about in early January and did a basic chicken noodle soup with homemade stock. The guests pitched in the rest and the result was a six-soup feast. Foodie friend J. brought dhal, a wonderfully spiced curried lentil soup. Neighbors the W's brought a hearty and flavorful venison stew. Neighbor J. made a white chicken chili with a variety of toppings that gave it a nice Southwestern kick. And our other neighbor J. did a thick and creamy kielbasa-potato-cabbage soup. Friends E. and M. rounded off the meal with a berries-and-cream angel food cake while neighbor B. brought her famously delicious chocolate-chip cookies. Latecomers the G's brought a zesty taco-dip and chips for those needing a post-meal snack.

The spirit of hope and togetherness was in the air as we enjoyed each other's culinary creations and good company, then, silent for the good part of an hour, witnessed history in the making. Politics aside, we're thinking this should be an annual thing.

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