Classic Restaurant Supply

We found ourselves in Hartford on Saturday in a quest for firewood (they were closed) and stopped into nearby Classic Restaurant Supply to see if they had a 12'' magnetic knife strip (our collection has gotten too large for the one we have). They didn't have one in stock. We were 0 for 2 on our errands today, but we did enjoy a 1/2-hour browse through this store that is so fun for professional and home cooks alike. Everything you could ever want in your kitchen - every pot, pan, knife, gadget, tool, appliance, et al. - is in there. We went down every aisle, pointing out this or that to each other, with cries of "Oh! I want that!" repeated again and again. I knew we had to leave when I spotted Chris trying on a red chef's jacket. He turned and said, "Wouldn't it be fun to wear these when we cook..." and while I did think that would be fun, we paid for our cast-iron grill press and headed home in the snow.

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