Together, We Eat - O! The Oprah Magazine

The April issue of O! The Oprah Magazine is officially out. And in it are the results of Amy's photo shoot, along with a snapshot of us with our neighbor Barb, our award-winning Together, We Eat story and the now-famous Spring Onion and Ricotta Fresca Tart. Here's the VIDEO: http://togetherweeat.com/servingupspringwinners/.You can also find the recipe there.

And here's the much-talked-about spread:

Up next? Live cooking segments on our local ABC and NBC affiliates...coming soon!

A very special thank you to everyone on the Oprah and IKEA teams for creating this amazing experience for us and for making it so memorable. And congratulations to the first prize winners whose recipes look so delicious.

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Unknown said...

Congratulations! Will get a copy for your autograph.