Today Was a Good Day for ACK

Today was a good day for A Couple in the Kitchen (aka ACK) and we wanted to share it with all of you.

First, we received a very nice comment from Lillian of My Recipe Journey nominating us for the Liebster Award. Lillian has a post about the award on her website that you can check out. We also did a little research ourselves and found out that the Liebster Award has been circulating for a few years now and it is awarded from one blogger to another to let them know they are "liebster" - German for "beloved." While Lillian's version of the award came with some tasks, we found a loophole during our search that allows one to accept an honorary version without doing the tasks. Since we teachers have enough tasks to complete, and we like our blogging tasks to be food-related, we're going with the loophole. Thank you so much, Lillian, for thinking of us. We are honored!!!

Next, we got an email from the Blogger Outreach Program at OXO and they are going to be sending us some egg tools to try out and review. Just in time for Easter (although we wish we had that egg separator when we made that Meyer lemon curd!)!!! So that's something to look forward to.

And finally, we had entered our Moonshine Sticky Wings recipe into a recipe contest and found out today that we won an Editor's Choice award (which, happily, also happens to come with a little bit of prize money!). The contest was called "Stick a Fork in It" for SplashPad Mobile's new Android app "Top Recipes." You can get the app here if you are interested! Look for our recipe, which is designated by this special ribbon:

So, yeah! It was a good day for ACK!!! Time to uncork a bottle of vino and celebrate!


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Awesome! Congratulations! :-)

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Awesome! Congratulations! :-)

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Congrats on winning the Editor's Award!