November Foodie Penpals

How can it possibly be the end of November already? Sheesh! The good thing about that, however, is that it is the time to reveal our Foodie Penpal for this month, Laura of Wylde Thyme! We received a very thoughtful box of goodies from Laura who said that she was sure things were getting hectic (with the arrival of the holiday season and all) and that she wanted to put together some date night snacks for the two of us. How sweet is that?!?!? Her suggestion was to add a bottle of wine and a movie, and we took it one step further and added some soup to make it into snacks, wine, a movie and dinner!

Here's a list and some photos of what Laura sent us:

Pepperoncini Peppers that were salty, spicy and sitting in a perfectly pungent vinegar.

Laurel Hill Berry Nutty Mix, a delightful mix of almonds, cashews, peanuts, cherries, cranberries, blueberries, and golden raisins with just a hint of sugar to sweeten it all up.

A variety of snack crackers, including Westminster's Parmesan Peppercorn - a tangier version of their plain oyster cracker.

Olde Colony Bakery Cocoa Crisp Cookies, amazingly crunchy crispy chocolatey buttery cookie bites.


And, last but not least, Yancey's Fancy XXX Sharp Cheddar from New York, which made Chris chuckle "A triple-x date night, eh?" Men.

We noshed and sipped and watched a movie and then used the leftover cheddar mixed with some provolone from the fridge to make grilled cheese sandwiches on rosemary bread with a side of tomato and sweet basil soup (garnished with a couple of those crackers!). So the date went from nuts to soup ha ha!

It was great, and we got to try some fabulous new snacks, including dessert (heart those cookies!), all provided by our Foodie Penpal! Thank you, Laura! We loved it!


Cathy at Wives with Knives said...

Wow, what a great selection of treats. My daughter took part in this event too and I think it is such a fun idea. Who doesn't love to get a surprise package in the mail.

Trisha said...

Hi, I'm Amy's Nov Foodie Penpal and WOW did she send a wonderful package to me! All the items in the box were made in Connecticut. My favorite item was the turkey oreos. Amy was even kind enough to include one for my boyfriend. They were cute, very yummy and we ate them first. Also in the box was jar of Capa Di Roma Fresh Basil Italian Plum Tomato sauce, a package of Sclafani penne and a bottle of Marconi Garlic Oil for our garlic toast. We totally enjoyed our tasty Italian meal. Thank you Amy for such a thoughtful Foodie package! (I was going to include a picture of the items, but was unable to get it to upload.)

Anonymous said...

Tasty loot this month!

jck said...

So fun!!!
Glad Trisha enjoyed hers too.

Tiffany said...

How fun! Those oyster crackers look super tasty!