Delectible Dim Sum from Winsor Dim Sum Cafe, Boston

Both of us spent at least part of our college years in Boston, but in very different parts of the city. While Amy studied classical languages on the tree-lined campus of Boston College in Chestnut Hill, a swanky suburb, Chris spent his days walking the city streets at urban-set Northeastern. Amy secretly longed to venture into Chinatown to taste dim sum on a Saturday afternoon but never dared; it was on the border of what was still referred to as the "Combat Zone" and "too dangerous" for a college co-ed. That area of the city was where Chris felt most at home. So maybe opposites attract after all.

Steamed Pork and Peanuts Dumpling -
Soft, elastic dough wrapped around minced pork,
boiled peanuts and vegetables.
A nice variety of textures and flavors.

The Combat Zone is no more. Like New York's famed 42nd Street, this area of Boston has been scrubbed and dusted. It's not uncommon to see vacationing families walking down Kneeland for inexpensive souvenirs or a taste of the exotic. We saw plenty walk past as we stopped at a place more popular with the locals than the tourists - Winsor Dim Sum Cafe on Tyler Street.

Sticky Rice in Lotus Leaf Packets -
Sticky white rice with bits of roast pork
steamed inside lotus leaf for smoky flavor.

This narrow second-floor eatery was packed with diners (a good sign!) but the wait was minimal, about 10 minutes. Rather than the typical dim sum set-up (food carts being wheeled past tables), Winsor does dim sum and other Chinese specialties to order.

Easy ordering via check-list.

As we sat, we were given a laminated menu with about 40 pictures, a two-page listing of each of those items as well as a few additional offerings, and a red pen. Soon after, we were served a pot of steaming jasmine tea, and we settled in to make our choices.

Chicken Feet with Black Bean Sauce -
Most likely braised, then fried, these had a gummy
but tender consistency and
sweet flavor.

If you read the first paragraph above, you probably won't be surprised to find that Chris's choices were, shall we say, more adventurous than Amy's. We'll let you guess who chose what. 

Deep Fried Shrimp Rolls -
A crisp wrapper surrounding a delicately poached shrimp
with fresh, crunchy celery in the middle.

This is fresh, hot, authentic dim sum served in a cozy setting by a friendly and welcoming staff. Bonus? Each order is a mere $3.15, and most orders include 3 to 5 pieces, making for an awesome yet cheap lunch in the city.

Baked Roast Pork Buns (served only on weekends) -
A particular favorite, with smoky-sweet
Chinese barbecued pork stuffed inside
steamed sweet bread.


Joanne said...

Sounds like a great, adventurous lunch! Glad you finally got there.

Jerry Ko | Simply Good Eating said...

I was visiting Boston recently and had a great time there. Unfortunately I wasn't there long enough. Next time I go back, I may try this dim sum place out.

RawFoodhaven said...

It really sound that you guys have a great lunch and choosing what to order might be hard for you Amy:)

mjskit said...

Looks like a fantastic Dim Sum! A lot of different items than the dim sum I go to here at home.

Jessica said...

I love a good dimsum. I'm glad opposites attract and I'm glad that you gave it a try! Must be worth it. Sticky rice in lotus leaves is one of my favorites at dimsum =)

Emily said...

I have only had din sum once in San Francisco. It as delicious and have wanted to try it again ever since.