Fish Fest from the Farmers' Market

Chris writes: As I am sure you read in our post a couple of days ago, Sunday was Seafood Day at the Coventry Regional Farmers Market. Although Amy posted some great pictures of ceviche and oysters, what she didn’t mention was that she doesn’t really like the stuff. Lobsters, YES. Crabs, YES. Clams on the grill, Oh Yeah! But fish? Not really. Between learning how to cook Grouper in Mexico or having Zuppa de Pesce  in Italy she has warmed up to it over the past couple of years but overall she still doesn’t appreciate it like I do. I love fish. Salmon, Snapper, Fluke, Mahi Mahi, Sable, Skate, Anchovy, Eel, Octopus (technically not a fish) -- I love 'em all. This is why I was so excited about the theme at the Market this weekend. I bought stuff (from the folks at The Fish Market) that I knew I wouldn’t have to share with anyone else but you.

Striped Bass steamed in Limoncello and Hyssop
Fillet of bass (~6 oz)
Pink Himalayan salt
Olive oil
Hyssop (3 leaves)
Tarragon (1 sprig)

Salt and pepper one fillet of striped bass. (I prefer pink salt with this dish because it seems drier on my tongue – but that’s just me.) Splash some olive oil onto a piece of tin foil large enough to become a tent. The oil smear should be just larger than the fillet. Place the fillet on the oil and add some strips of hyssop and a sprig of tarragon. Splash with an equal measure of Limoncello. Seal and place on medium-high for about 4 minutes each side. The essence of the fish and Limoncello mixed with the gentle anise flavor of the hyssop blends beautifully with the pink salt and tarragon.

Lemon Peppered Tuna Steak
Tuna steak (~4 oz)
Lemon Pepper (from Boxed Goodes)
Ponzu sauce
Cover both sides of tuna steak with seasoning. Grill on high until seared on both sides (about 2 minutes each side). Let rest for 1 minute. Slice. Drizzle with Ponzu Sauce.

Oysters on the half shell
Plucked fresh from the waters off the coast of Mystic, Connecticut. I choose not to cover their deliciousness with cocktail sauces or what not. I don’t get to the ocean that often and compare eating an oyster to having the ocean come to me. Why would I want to screw with that?

Grapefruit Salad
One medium pink grapefruit
Herbes de Provence

Skin and chop one grapefruit. Toss with 1/8 teaspoon of Herbes de Provence. The acid of the grapefruit combined with the aromatics of the rosemary and lavender merging with the sharpness of the thyme really surprised me. It made for an excellent complement to this meal. I will definitely keep this one in my repertoire.


Juanita said...

That tuna steak sounds amazing! Very few things in the fishy world beat the taste of a well-prepared and super-fresh tuna steak.

And such a clever use of the limoncello :)

jck said...

Hi, Chris- I love, love, love fish too...but have given up hope that it will become an Amy-approved food :)
Call me if you ever need a fish fest partner!

Jocie's Mom said...

Holy crap that tuna steak sounds fabulous! I totally get Amy's apprehension. I wasn't a fish eater before I moved to Cayman either. But once I'd tasted - I mean really - fresh fish for the first time, I haven't looked back. Great recipes :) Thanks for sharing! Buzz

kat said...

What a feast! I have to admit that I too am just learning to be a fish lover

adorasbox said...

What a lovely fish fest. Love the way you cooked the bass_with limoncello! Wow. You're right, you wouldn't want anything to interrupt the taste of oysters.

spcookiequeen said...

I myself am a big fan of fish, I wish I had such a nice selection closer to me. Glad you wife is coming around. This sounds like something I'd love.

The Duo Dishes said...

A feast! A fresh batch of shucked oyster shooters make for a perfect summer meal. All you need is a little wine on the side to make it complete.