Almost Wordless Weekender: Scenes from the Coventry Regional Farmers' Market, CT

Chef Scott Miller of Max Oyster Bar prepares his
Connecticut Landed Fluke Ceviche.

 Connecticut Landed Fluke Ceviche.


Lettuce is definitely in season here in CT.

The Fish Market sells Mystic oysters for $1 each.

A variety of radishes.

Sugar Snap Peas.

 It's June, so of course, fresh local strawberries.


Act Fast Chef said...

Yum! Love the pictures of the strawberries. I'm in CT too! Love all the farmer's markets this time of year!

jck said...

In a word: enchanting

Dreams of cakes said...

Beautiful photos!!

kat said...

Strawberries are 3 weeks late here & I can't wait!