Amy gets a night off

I like fire and I like meat. So when Amy called to say that she needed steak the logical action was to go to Bogners, a local family-owned butcher shop which, quite frankly, I don’t frequent enough. Every time I go I am intoxicated by the array, freshness and price of the meats. The staff is friendly and will take time to explain the different cuts and their uses. It’s easy to leave this place with a few extra steaks and a couple of pounds of slab bacon that you didn’t realize you needed to have. You get the idea. Places like this make me want to celebrate being a carnivore. The scent of the grill, the parallel chars, the warm juices and, of course, the taste. Let’s not forget the taste.
Yeah -- meat is good.
Tonight’s meal was a simple one: A limoncello aperitif. Freshly sliced rib-eyes with Montreal seasoning. Batonnets of purple fingerling potatoes sautéed with a slice of slab bacon. Steamed green beans seasoned with pink Himalayan salt. A bottle of 2003 Clos Du Val Cabernet Sauvignon.

Our day just got a whole lot better.

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jck said...

Sounds simple and delicious...
PS Vegetarian tendencies?...lol