The 31st Annual New England Regional Chili Cook Off

Last weekend, we were pleased to judge the 31st Annual New England Regional Chili Cook Off in Somers, Connecticut. This was the first formal judging for Chris, who was certified as an official chili judge last year by the International Chili Society, while Amy was just judging unofficially. It was a gorgeous spring day and the scent of cooking meat, chili powder, peppers and spices filled the air. Chili cooks from all over the U.S.were present, including some former world champions. Divisions included salsa, chili verde, red chili and one for the "yutes." There were vendors selling their wares, a fun jug-style marching band, and the Spud Studs were there with their Big Idaho Potato Truck. We had a great time, and even better, the proceeds go to support the Patriot Guard Riders and the Somers Fire Department. Kudos to organizer Mad Mike Freedman and all the NERCC sponsors for another outstanding event!


  • Yute Division Connor Gramm, PA
  • People's Choice Chris Flahive, Yacht Club Chili, MA
  • Salsa, Steve Stark, MA
  • Chili Verde (Green Chili), Max Tankis, MA (whose grandfather is a past green chili world champ)
  • Red Chili, Judi Omerza, PA (who won red chili last year, also!)


Spooning out chili

Gorilla Chili

The Hidden Still of Ellington CT

Fun displays

Cooking with "moxie"

The Squad from the Somers Fire Department

Shop Rite and Mad Mike's Killer Chili

Mad Hatter Chili of Enfield, CT

The Saloon

Freddy Beach Chili Co.

Big Idaho Potato Truck

The Spud Studs

A Couple in the Kitchen Spud Selfie

Kung Fu Chili Kids entered the "Yute" Division

Stirring Chili with a big stick

Chili-themed wares

Color Guard

The National Anthem, sung and signed

Organizer Mad Mike Freedman and honored guests

Trophies and Cash Prizes for the Winners

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