For the Love of Lobster

We have returned from our annual family vacation at Goose Rocks Beach in Maine, and we sure had a great week. Since the weather wasn't perfect, we had plenty of time to spend with Amy's family (parents, sister, brother-in-law, and niece) chatting, playing games, and (of course) eating. As it is the annual vacation (6 years running), we quickly and pretty seamlessly turn to a routine. There's an early-morning walk to the nearby store for a muffin or donut, known as pre-breakfast. Then once Auntie Amy is up, she makes the real breakfast, usually eggs, bacon, sausage, and English muffins, or perhaps a frittata made of leftovers from the night before. Eschewing big lunches for quick right-off-the-beach snacks, we leave room for big family dinners, and these are the most fun.

The Ocean Roll

Menu at The Ocean Roll

While we often cook these dinners, for example grilling steaks one night and pizzas another, it is Maine and that means seafood. So we'd love to tell you about our new discovery - The Ocean Roll. An antique truck located next to an antiques shop on Route 1 (Portland Road), Kennebunk, this truck is Maine on wheels. To start with, the food truck is part of Maine's history, as it was originally built as the canteen for the Maine Civil Defense. 
Fried Clam Box and Hot Lobster Roll at The Ocean Roll

The two of us stopped in for lunch on Saturday and then the whole family got take-out for dinner Sunday night. Yeah, it was that good. Lobster salad rolls, or the Amy-preferred hot buttered lobster rolls were packed with fresh lobster meat. Whole belly clams were lightly battered and fried to a perfect golden brown. The cole slaw was creamy, crunchy and well-seasoned. The service, friendly and welcoming. And the truck is just....cool. Compared to the super-touristy and rather expensive Clam Shack in downtown Kennebunkport, we think The Ocean Roll is twice as good at half the price. We highly recommend it!
Annual Family Vacation Lobster Feast

So yeah, we had seafood two days in a row. That didn't mean that by Wednesday, we weren't ready for more. Wednesday was our traditional lobster-n-steamers night, when we order steamed lobsters and clams from Wolff Farm & Lobster. They steam them for us, and we eat them up - a pound of steamers and two lobsters each. It's a feast fit for a family vacation, and we look forward to the "lobster-eating orgy" every time.

Huge lobster in Sanders Lobster Co. tank (compare to dime)


Now you would think after all this we would have had our fill of the crustacean for which Maine is famous, but wait! There's more! On our drive home, as we always do, the two of us stopped by Sanders Lobster Company in the Strawbery Banke section of Portsmouth, NH to buy more. Yeah, we did. We pass the fish market and go directly to the docks where we can find culls (small lobsters, often - but not always! - missing one claw) for $3.99 a pound. This year we had some restraint. We bought 6 culls and 3 pounds of steamers that they packed in some ice for us and we cooked up and gobbled down when we got home. After all, a good vacation doesn't end when you leave. So here's to lobster, Maine, New England, summer, vacation, and most of all, family. We love you all!!!

More lobster at home


yummychunklet said...

That lobster roll looks so good!

chicago foodie girl said...

Oh, you're killing me! I LOVE lobster, but unfortunately, the Midwest isn't the best place to get it. That lobster roll looks amazing!!

jck said...

Too much lobster is never enough.

jck said...

Too much lobster is never enough.

Erica @ Abbie and Erica's Adventures said...

I've never had a lobster roll but it's something that is on my food bucket list! Yum!