A Day at Farming Turtles Farm

Amy writes: A few weeks ago, Chef Lise asked me to take a field trip with her to Farming Turtles farm in Exeter, Rhode Island. The goal was work: to take some pictures of their products, both individually and within a variety of dishes made by Lise that day. Cameras, ingredients and chef-knives at the ready, off we went.

Lauri, CEO of the farm, greeted us with warmth and hospitality. She gave us the "lay of the land," offered us coffee, and introduced us to Myrtle the Turtle, the farm's mascot. Then the three of us sat to talk. We needed to know what sort of photographs Lauri was looking for (close-ups of each green, cut), and how she planned to use them (sales sheets, a catalog, and a new website). Once we had a plan, Lauri set off to gather greens while we set up.


Six hours, a few cups of coffee, a bottle of wine and about a dozen dishes later, we were ready to leave. We had countless photos of cut micro-greens and baby greens, greens growing in the greenhouse, lettuce, edible flowers and mushrooms growing on a sawdust log (which Lauri graciously offered to me to bring home to Chris). Lise created several dishes incorporating various farm products that we photographed as well. Myrtle even made it into a shot or two. We had tasted each green, each flower, each dish, and we were both satisfied and exhausted.

The Mushroom Log

It was a wonderful day, working with my favorite chef, working with food, working for people as cool as Lauri and everyone else we met at Farming Turtles. I can't wait to see what they do with the photos, but better yet, I got a taste of a different kind of life, one that more and more is calling my name. The question is, will I answer? That, I suppose, is for another time. Meanwhile, here are just a few of my favorite photos from the day at Farming Turtles.

Cut Microgreens

Edible Flowers

Baby Lettuces

In the Greenhouse

A Few of Lise's Plates


Linda said...

Wow, thanks for sharing, I didn't know about this farm and will have to visit some day. Beautiful photos. Looks like you had a great day!

chef Lise said...

You did an outstanding job! and it was a true pleasure enbarking on a whole new experience of food styling...our new adventure??? i hope so!!!!
-Chef Lise

jck said...

So pretty!

Susan said...

Wow! What a fantastic outing! Great photos too! Judging from the number you posted, there must have been a hundred others to choose from ... I know I take a kazillion before I find the one I really want to post!

What a great place farming Turtles must be! Terrific post!

The Duo Dishes said...

That mushroom log is crazy! Almost scary. Definitely impressive. What a fun day.

Jessica said...

Such a fun experience!! I love the photos you have here - a complete reminder of how beautiful spring is. I would love to visit the farm someday as well!