Reminder: Restaurant Report Cards

Back in October, I did a short post announcing that my friend and co-teacher Joanne and I would be starting up a blog together called Restaurant Report Cards. Both of us love to cook, eat and drink, and like most women we know, we also love having girls' night out. On these nights (or afternoons on occasion...), we tend to peruse the menu online beforehand, order different dishes (the more to taste!), share samples, linger over the wine, and talk, not only about work or the men in our lives or whatever else is going on, but about the food. And since we were each already writing our own blogs, we decided to start one up reviewing the restaurants we visit. Now that we have a dozen or so reviews posted, we're officially "debuting" to our family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, and of course, our readers. We've gotten business cards and sent postcard notices and now we're just putting it out into the universe that maybe something will come of the venture we've come to call "RRC." If you love to read about food, or are wondering about restaurants in the Connecticut/Massachusetts area, we hope you'll check it out.

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